Rotring Pens & Pencils [Review]

rotring_tnQuite a few of my favorite things are made in Germany. I’m sure my affinity for German craftsmanship and engineering is because my mother was German. Even the food is fantastic. So it was no surprise to learn that Rotring (German for Red Ring) is a German pen company and they make some of the very best pens and pencils I’ve ever had. I had seen them popping up in my Instagram feed for a while, especially from Brad Dowdy at Pen Addict and Mike Dudek at Clicky Post.

After drooling over these guys pens for some time I finally got lucky. One of the members on was selling a classic Roting 600 with 30+ refills for a killer price. At the time they were going for $100-$150 on eBay and I scooped this one up for less than the pen alone with the refills. I couldn’t wait for it to arrive.

Once it did I fell in love with these pens. The black ink on the Rotring 600 is very black, writes really clean and dries pretty quick. I like for my black ink to be very, very dark and they nailed it. I knew I had to have a few more for my collection.

Next I ended up getting a Rotring Rapid Pro from Amazon. The ink wasn’t as smooth and the 600 but I like that it’s a click style pen. The blue ink is better than the black but I prefer my ink to be a deep, dark black. But it’s still a great pen and for on the go it’s hard to beat. Easy to use and still has the classing knurling for a great grip.

I also have a couple of the pencils. One of the newer Rapid Pro style and one of the older classic 600 2mm lead holder. I love these pencils. Again, the knurling at the tip and the octagnal shape just really appeal to me. The are hefty pens with a substantial feel in your hands. They are made from brass and that’s what gives them their weight and durability. They are simply fantastic pens. Everyone who holds one remarks on how good they fell in hand. Some people might not prefer to write with them for long stretches but I’m a glutton for punishment.

Here are some pics from my collection:









I can’t recommend these pens enough. I’m still on the search for an elusive Lava edition for my collection. These pens have become extremely popular and getting ahold of a classic model some of these will set you back $200 bones or more on eBay. You have to be patient and watch for deal. The newer editions are much cheaper and you can get one of the Rotring Rapid PRO’s(aff link) for about $40 on Amazon.

If you want to know more about these pens I also highly recommend Mike’s Rotring Guide. I learned a lot from that one myself.

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  1. With that Nock Co case nearly overflowing with rOtring pens/pencils, I’d say you are definitely an addict… :) Great review and thanks for the links as well.

  2. Mike, No problem, and thanks. I love how the Lookout fits them so well. I’m just glad I got mine before the prices blew up on eBay. Good grief. I had the chance to get a Lava but had to pass at the time. Been kicking myself ever sense. I just need a Lava to complete my set ;) I’m thinking of getting one of the pencils because I can still find them for about $60 lol.

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