Hobonichi Techo Daily Planner [Review]

hobonichi_techoIn my quest for the Best Notes System I’ve tried quite a few different tools but I always keep coming back to using pen and paper. I love EverNote. It’s a great app for storing all my notes, ideas and other bits of info but it takes discipline to review it regularly or its out of site, out of mind.

In keeping with my “Best Notes System” of finding something I’ll actually use I settled on a combination of Field Notes for general note taking, EverNote for long term storage and to have the ability to search and for my daily planner, the Hobonichi Techo.

This is the second year that an English version of this venerable planner has been available. It appealed to me because if it’s size, it’s use of graph paper and the page a day format. It’s 4.1 inches by 5.9 inches and about half an inch thick. Perfect for every day carry.

The graph lines are feint and don’t compete agains any pencil or ink which is a must for me. I’d say they are about the same size as you’d find in Field Notes or Moleskine journals. The paper is excellent. Heavy inks will bleed through but that’s true of most paper. And this modest little book is full of character. Each 2 day spread has a quote from the Hobonichi website, includes the moon phases and notice of important holidays for quite a few countries among a few other nice touches.

The Techo is billed as more than just a daily planner. People use it for journaling, planning, scrapbooking, sketching and all manner of other things. To get an idea just how far people to go customize them you can check out the Hobonichi Techo Group on flickr.

Here are some pics of mine. I had an old Midori Traveler’s Notebook that I wasn’t using and cut the cover to fit the Techo and it fits like they were made for each other. Very happy with how that turned out.








The Techo costs about $25 (depending on the exchange rate from Yen to Dollars) and about the same to ship it. They also have several nice covers to choose from but I made my own. It’s a once per year expense and their small size means it’s easy to archive these for your own future reference or to pass them down. I love mine and I’m already looking forward to getting my 2015 edition once they are available.

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  1. Because of your review I purchased the Techo. Shipment was fairly quick. I love the Techo and I am very happy they created an English version. I did order one of their leather covers and let me tell you, what a sticker shock on the price but it was worth it I will be ordering the 2015 version.

  2. Kent, I’m glad to hear that! The shipping and exchange rate do put a bit of a kick on the price but I love mine as well. The new ones will be out in September. I have to buy 3 now! My wife and Niece are both hooked on them as well. Maybe we can get a group discount? Glad you like yours and enjoyed the review.

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