Best Made Company Famous Red Notebook [Review]


Best Made Company really lives up to their name. Every time I browse the site I have to lock away my credit card because it’s all quality stuff. Their notebook, the “Famous Red Notebook” has been on my list for a while now. I finally broke down and placed an order. I knew I wouldn’t … Read More


Midori Traveler’s Notebook [Review]


The Midori Traveler’s Notebook was my first leather notebook and it’s still one of my favorites. With a simple design and ease of customization I was hooked as soon as I saw it. And Like all fine things, it only gets better with age. I ordered my first one from Amazon and wen it came, … Read More


Starting is easy, finishing is hard.


I like to call myself a maker. I love getting my hands dirty and bringing something into the world that wasn’t here before. It’s not about saving money or doing something better than someone else. It’s about solving my own problems and making things for myself. For the fun of it. But sometimes, it sucks. … Read More


Rotring Pens & Pencils [Review]


Quite a few of my favorite things are made in Germany. I’m sure my affinity for German craftsmanship and engineering is because my mother was German. Even the food is fantastic. So it was no surprise to learn that Rotring (German for Red Ring) is a German pen company and they make some of the … Read More


Hobonichi Techo Daily Planner [Review]


In my quest for the Best Notes System I’ve tried quite a few different tools but I always keep coming back to using pen and paper. I love EverNote. It’s a great app for storing all my notes, ideas and other bits of info but it takes discipline to review it regularly or its out … Read More


Custom Zebra Wood Scales for Spyderco Tenacious [Review]


I’ve been collecting knives ever since I got my first Spyderco Rescue back when the clip was part of the handle. I had it for years before I lost it but that knife was what started it all for me. While I do collect other knives, Spyderco is by far my favorite. I’ve been wanting … Read More


The Best Notes System


I’m sure I’m not alone in questing for “The Best Notes System”. Whether it’s the best pen, notebook or app, there’s really no such thing as a best system. I’m always trying out new systems or different office products that I think will help me get more done. It took me a long time to … Read More